Want to serve
at Mass?

There are several different ways you can get involved. Download one of these forms and return it to the parish office. Please be generous by sharing your talents and skills with your faith community at Christ the Good Shepherd.

Prepare the altar before the celebration of mass and clean up after the mass. This person should be good at following directions, be depend- able and organized.

Proclaims the living word during the mass. This person should be able to take time to prepare before coming to mass, have a clear and loud speaking voice, and be able to maneuver steps.

Choir / Cantor
Raise your voice in giving praise to God and inspire all of us to do the same. This person should have basic singing skills (audition), time to prepare and practice, and a basic understanding of the mass.

Extraordinary Minster of Holy Communion
Assist in bringing the living body and blood of Jesus to the faithful. This person should be reverent, able to maneuver steps, and stand for a period of time.

Assists parishioners at the entrance doors, assist in seating people in church, and take up the offertory collection. This person should be able to stand for a period of time and have a pleasant disposition.

Bell Choir
Use your skills to bring our liturgy to a more prayerful and holy level. This person should have a basic knowledge of music and available time to practice.

Already a member of our team?

Download your schedule here: