Women of Good Shepherd

President: Dorothy Williams
1st Vice President: Dorothy Abela
2nd Vice President: Evelyn Kovacs
Financial Secretary: Sharon Affholter
Recording Secretary: Theresa Dobosh
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Ann Klotz

Women of Good ShepherdUnder the patronage of the Mother of Sorrow, the organization of the Women of Good Shepherd was founded to promote and develop Christian values within the family circle through education, example, prayer, and service. It is affiliated with the Arch-Confraternity of Christian Mothers and the Council of Catholic Women of the Archdiocese of Detroit (CCW/AD).

Through commitment to the Faith of the Catholic Church they nurture the family both their own and those of the parish of Christ the Good Shepherd by their example and service. Some of the ways in which they serve include:

  • Care and Cleaning of the Altar
  • Care of the Linen used by the Church
  • Purchase and Care of the Altar Service Albs
  • Sponsoring the Jubilarian Celebration of Married Couples
  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Honor Guard/Rosary of WGS Deceased Members of the Parish
  • School Hot Lunch Program

Church Ministries

The Women of Good Shepherd are involved in many church ministries:

This organization of women was the first of the Downriver Catholic Churches to host funeral luncheons for the family of deceased members of the Parish community. They, also, began the School Hot Lunch program in the early 1960ís so that once a week the school children could purchase a hot lunch. The organization, (originally known as Christian Mothers of Good Shepherd), along with the Menís Club and the Ushers Club, was a vital part of the growth of Christ the Good Shepherd from the very beginning.

Community Projects

The Women of Good Shepherd, also, support various community projects:

Local and International Programs

As part of the Council of Catholic Women they support many programs that aid the City of Detroit as well as International Concerns:

Fundraising Efforts

In order to support the various programs that the Women of Good Shepherd are responsible for, they participate in several fundraising efforts:

  • Fall Rummage Sale
  • Luncheon Buffet
  • Baby Shower for Crises Pregnancy Center and Operation Layette
  • Silent Auctions
  • Fall Card Party
  • Bake Sales
  • School Hot Lunch
  • Special needs collection at each General Membership meetings

Prayer is an integral part of the organization. Each meeting begins and ends with prayer for the women, for families, for special requests, and for the world. The first Sunday of each month is designated as Communion Sunday for the ladies and attendance at the 11:00 a.m. Mass is encouraged. A special Mass each year is offered for the deceased members as well as one for all the living members. They host an evening of reflection for the women of the parish and every two years install into the Arch-Confraternity of Christian Mothers any woman who desires to join the National Prayer Group. Masses are obtained for each deceased member and a rosary or scripture service is attended and honor guard provided for them by the women. Retreats to the St. Mary Retreat House are attended by many of the ladies each year for personal prayer and reflection.

For additional Information, please call the parish office at 313-928-1324.