Want A Wonderful Volunteer Ministry

We have so many families that year after year ask for extra support in helping to “form” their children in the faith. The volunteers who try meet this need are the “after school catechists”. We need help at: 4:15 & 6:00.

Children have so many things in their lives that could suggest that they are not loved and precious in the eyes of God and our faith com- munity.

Catechists have the opportunity to prove that perception is off track. Being a catechist or a cate- chist aid can be a very fulfilling ministry.

Why not think about sharing your faith and helping parents by taking steps to become a catechist. Where to start….

– Pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you

– Contact Sr. Rebecca for an interview

– Talk to those who are involved in this ministry

– Have a willingness to take some classes to help prepare you for the ministry

– If starting out teaching seems too much, then ask about be coming a classroom aid.

Please contact Sr. Rebecca with questions (313-382-1818).