Mass & Prayer Schedule
Sched. Mass Intentions

Scheduling Mass Intentions

The new Mass schedule means that we need a slightly revised policy for scheduling Mass intentions. There are not as many Masses and yet just as many requests for Mass intentions. The parish office will handle them in the following manner.

  • Unless physically unable, all Mass intentions need to be scheduled in person at the parish office.
  • Up to five (5) different Mass intentions will be accepted for Saturday night, Sunday, Tuesday night and Friday morning Masses only.
  • If the Mass intention is for a recently deceased parish member or their relative, please let the family itself schedule such Masses, if at all possible. Funeral homes have envelopes in which you can place a donation and list it for Mass intentions. The family then can come in at its own convenience and schedule the Masses on the most suitable days.
  • We will schedule up to three Sunday (Saturday night) Masses a year for a recently deceased person on specific dates.
  • We will schedule up to three additional Tuesday night or Friday morning Masses for a recently deceased person on specific dates, since every effort will be made to have a priest available for Tuesday night and Friday morning Masses, even when there is a funeral on those days.
  • We will accept additional Mass intentions with the understanding that they will be fitted into the schedule on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings, when Masses are celebrated on those mornings. Such intentions cannot be publicized ahead of time, since funerals can come in and the morning Mass changed to a prayer service with communion. The parish office will keep a record of all such Masses and publish them in the Vigil at least once a month, after they are celebrated