Parish Timeline

Here is a Timeline of our Parish History

1923  – Fr. Toole purchased a five acre section of Albert Kaier Orchard 1923 and the land was located just inside the Lincoln Park city limits to establish St. Henry Parish.

June 3, 1923 –Fr. Toole celebrated the first mass at St. Henry in Lincoln Park.

1923 – 1924 – The catholic community of St. Henry grows to over 1000 families despite the opposition of the Ku Klux Klan who were active in Lincoln Park.

September 6, 1928 – St. Henry School opened with 350 students. Staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph with Mother Annette as Superior.

1939 – St. Henry High School Closed

1947 – Christ the Good Shepherd is founded and Fr. Joseph Torzewski named as pastor

1947 – Christ the Good Shepherd’s first mass celebrated at “Hoover School auditorium”.

1947 – The Ladies Society founded (became later Christian Mothers and now The Women of Good Shepherd)

1947 –  Ushers Club was founded / Robert Jones Council of  Knights of Columbus founded

June 1948 –First mass celebrated in the original church (currently located behind the wall of the sacristy) Dedication of the church September 1948.

1949 – 2,000 homes were built in the city of Lincoln Park

1950 – Construction began for Christ the Good Shepherd School.  School opened staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis before construction was finished in September 1950.  There was originally 1 classroom.

1952 – Eight more classrooms were added to the school building

1952 – St. Vincent de Paul Society formed in the Parish

1955 – Parish had grown to over 2,000 families.  A temporary “church” was to be built to accommodate the crowds.  The build eventually would become a gymnasium.  Today this structure stands as our permanent church and worship site.

1956 – Eight more classrooms were added to the school building

December 1955 – the painting interpretation of the 23rd psalm was completed by artist Jean Charlot.

September 1955 – first mass celebrated in the church

1957 – The Booster Club was organized.

1959 – construction of the convent building

1961 – Six more classrooms added to the school building.  Peak enrollment also in school was 1,546 students.

1962  – Fr. Masterson offered last Mass in wooden Church at St. Henry parish.

1966 – Aquinas High School opens

October 1963 St. Henry permanent new Church and rectory were completed

1970 – First graduation class from Aquinas High School

1971 – Closing of St. Henry elementary school

1972 – Fr. Adolph Redwick became pastor / (co-pastor with Fr. Leo Phalen from 1972-1975)

1981 – The hand carved statures of St. Mary and St. Joseph from Italy were placed in the church along with the present altar obtained from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Wyandotte.

1990 – Fr. Dave Buersmeyer became pastor

1991 – Convent building was converted to the parish center for meetings and fellowship

1992 – gathering space was build

1999 – closing of Aquinas High School

1999 – Built an Activities Building (including a gym, cafeteria, and commercial kitchen)

2002 – Fr. Kevin Thomas became pastor

2009 – Fr. Tony Richter became pastor

June 2010 – Christ the Good Shepherd School Closes

September 2010 – Opening of John Paul II Catholic School  (joint venture with St. Joseph, St. Patrick and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parishes)

May 2012 – Dedication for the Stations of the Cross (from St. John Cantious Parish that was closed in the Delrey area of Detroit)

March 2014 – Merging of St. Henry Parish with Christ the Good Shepherd