Parish Hospitality

Parish HospitalityCurrently, Good Shepherd Hospitality consists of 4 teams of 6 - 7 volunteers and a captain for each team.

A schedule is distributed in the fall of each year listing the upcoming events for September thru June. Usually each team is assigned 5 events, although not all events require all team members to donate as well as work. Examples of events that hospitality is provided for include the reception for students being confirmed and serving refreshments at the meetings for parents whose children will be receiving First Eucharist, Confirmation or Reconciliation.

Depending on the event, volunteers are needed both to bake the goods to be served and to work at the events doing set up, serving and/or clean up.

The team captain acts are the coordinator and determines what is needed and contacts the team members.

Volunteers are always welcome for this ministry. If you think you might be interested in helping, please call the parish office at (313) 928-1324.