Religious Education - Connecting Vicariate

Connecting/Extending the Church Structure

Vicariate is a grouping of parishes within a proximate geographical area. The Downriver Vicariate is composed of: Christ the Good Shepherd and 24 other parishes. Within this Church structure many activities are shared. Like the parish the Vicariate has a Vicariate Pastoral Council with representatives from all the member parishes. On the Vicariate level many activities are shared.

  • Adult Formation Opportunities: These are most often advertised in the Vicariate Newsletter which is distributed to all member parishes once a month.
  • Catechist Formation: All catechists in the Religious Education program are required to be certified by the diocese. The diocese requires that adults teaching religion to our children be well formed themselves. This is done by obtaining credit in 27 topics. Catechist formation is most often offered on a vicariate basis and excellent presenters are invited to help in the endeavor. For example, every religion teacher and catechist needs to take 2 hour sessions on such topics as: Who is Jesus? What is the Church? How to Read the Bible, Sacraments of Initiation, etc.
  • High School Youth Activities: Dances, volleyball tournaments and other activities are regularly communicated between parishes and open to all.
  • Diocese: A very large grouping of parishes consisting of many vicariates and headed by Archbishop Allen Vigneron.

**Pastors, School Principals, Directors of Religious Education and other parish leadership are often invited to participate in diocesan meetings. These avenues of communication are invaluable in broadening our knowledge and understanding of the Church.