The Parish Council

The Second Vatican Council concluded in 1965 with Pope Paul VI presiding. In response to Vatican II Archbishop Dearden turned to the people to stimulate study in an approach to incorporating the changes in the church locally. Input from all archdiocesan parishes was considered. The changes were officially set into place May 25, 1969. In following with the Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, Christ the Good Shepherd elected a Steering Committee to set up temporary guidelines for a proposed parish council. After many months of study the first Parish Council was elected April 26, 1970. Four Commissions were established: Administration and Finance, Education, Social Services, and Liturgy. Three at large members and 12 zone representatives were elected along with the commission heads. The pastor, assistant pastors, and a representative from the Sisters of St. Joseph completed the group. The 22 member council was formally installed on September 20, 1970. Change did not come easy and, while many good leaders and programs emerged over the years as a result of this new structure, the Council dissolved in the mid-1980s and the structure of a parish council with commissions became inactive.

Since 1991, however, the Parish Pastoral Council was resurrected and has functioned as the leadership body for the Parish ever since. All parish activities fall under the framework of the Education, Service, Stewardship, and Worship Commissions. Many people work in their specific areas of interest or expertise to keep the multidirectional endeavors on course. All organizations and activities relate to the Council because it is the unifying body of the parish.