Recent History

What the future holds can never be known for certain, but change and growth and challenge will be part of it.

New parish offices were just completed that allows for fully accessible offices as well as separating the office space from the living quarters for the first time. In 1999 a new Activities Building was completed with the support of over 1100 families contributing. It includes a full-size gym attached to the school, along with a cafeteria for the school students.

In 1999 Aquinas High School had to be closed due to severely declining enrollment. In 2000 the old Aquinas building and grounds were sold to the Archdiocese of Detroit and Christ the Good Shepherd and St. Pius split the proceeds. The parish council set aside about ½ the money for the parish endowment and the other half for general purposes, including the possibility of renovating the Church.

In 2001 the parish became a one priest parish for the first time in fifty years, due to the shortage of priests.

In 2010 Christ the Good Shepherd school merged with Our Lady of the Scapular and St. Vincent Palloti schools to create Saint John Paul II Catholic School

In 2013 the parish merged with St. Henry Parish


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