Many lives are touched not only in the parish but in the community because of the works of the Commissions. One of the most popular undertakings, the Giving Tree, allows parishioners the opportunity of making a brighter day for those whose holidays are bleak because of physical or financial woes by donating a Christmas gift.

The Worship Commission helps the parish plan for and evaluate its many liturgies, as well as encourage the various roles necessary for good liturgy: Eucharistic ministers, lectors, cantors, servers, ushers, and sacristans. The Stewardship Commission advises the pastor on administrative, financial, and building issues but also tries to approach that whole area from the much broader perspective captured by its name. Stewardship is about all the ways we have been blessed and can give back to God: time, talent, and treasure. Finally, while there is no formal Education Commission at this time, there is an active School Board that advises the pastor and principal on school-related matters, as well as an informal Religious Education Committee that helps the Director of Religious Education plan activities for that area.

The Parish Pastoral Council, then, does not oversee all these many activities. Rather, it acts a visioning group for the parish, encouraging the various commissions, organizations, and pastoral leaders to live out our Parish Mission Statement: “Christ the Good Shepherd Parish rejoices in being a diverse community united in faith in Christ Jesus. Rooted in the Eucharist, we continue to be molded into the Body of Christ as we witness to the Gospel through our sharing of resources and service toward others, our commitment to Catholic education and our friendship with one another.”


Nurturing the Community